Susanna Giese was born in 1970 in the `documenta’ city of Kassel in Germany. She spent her childhood in Hann.-Münden and her youth on Lake Constance. She is one of those rare artists who after the voluntary social year and the birth of her four children studied Art. Initially, from 2003-07 she studied sculpture making at the Edith Myron Kunstschule (EMK) Freiburg. After completion of studies in Freiburg, she went on to study art education in Stuttgart from 2009 - 11 and trained as an educational assistant at the Janusz Korczak Institute(JKI) Nürtingen.


Susanna is a fine figurative sculptor with distinguishable quality and visual language. Most of her sculptures are feminine figures of a woman filled with emotions. Initially she sculpts or carves her figures with defined face and elongated body on a log of wood or metal and brings out the fine emotion with utmost sensitivity. Later she colours the figure, especially the face to give an intended character. Finally, she raps them with textile materials, in most cases, from top to bottom while just leaving the face open to view and feel the individuality of each sculpture. 


Most of her figure sculptures with closed eyes are utterly delicate and feminine. Normally they have scarf or shawl covered overhead depicting the character filled with deep emotions. Those emotion could be love, compassion, pain, courage, faith etc. Susanna has mastered this skill to giving life to each of her creations with simple message and meanings with breath taking appeal to them.  They just don’t appear sensitive and tender but provoke unattended feelings in viewers to take their own personal journey. 


Over and above the creation of figure in totality, Susanna finally presents each of them along with an environment that can be identified with the subject matter as an installation with a telling story around it. 


Susanna is a member of the VBKW, the 'Association of Visual Artists Württemberg' and the BfB, the 'Professional Association of Freelance Sculptors Baden-Württemberg'. She lives and works in Stuttgart and gives lectures at the Pflege Bildungszentrum (PBZ) at the Filderklinik Filderstadt and at the Elisabeth Kübler - Ross Academy Hospice in Stuttgart.

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