Visioning the Land

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On the peat bogs of  County Tyrone, Northen Irland

Lowry's Diary - Day 6


County Tyrone, Northern Irelann

Eating on the peat bog! 

I go armed with my lunch bag every day to the peat bog.

Coffee, bar of Turkish Delight, sandwich, banana. I’m a creature of habit.


However the bog is full of things to eat, in fact past generations would have foraged on the peatlands for various plants and foods. Last year I spent a day with a bog plant expert as he foraged across the peatlands. I had no idea how many bog plants and lichen were edible. So now I can graze all day while I work. (I always go back to my Turkish Delight though). 


I have installed the Reindeer Lichen sculpture today. Another edible plant but only for reindeers! The number of reindeer lichen in the wild is dropping due to wildfires, overgrazing and pollution of the air and in Ireland it’s listed as critically endangered. I wanted to draw attention to this tiny but beautiful lichen so I scaled it up a thousand times in white clay. 


This is one of the first pieces I made for the trail and it has been sitting in my studio for months. The clay is so beautifully tactile I continuously handled it while sitting in my studio. As I walked away from it on the bogland today it felt like leaving a friend behind. Sometimes I get attached to work.

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