Visioning the Land

Artist in Residence
On the peat bogs of  County Tyrone, Northen Irland

Lowry's Diary - Day 4


County Tyrone, Northen Ireland

Over the last 2 years I have become slightly obsessed with a small section of the peatlands that back’s onto a farmers land. It’s like a small mini peatland, part of it has been cut by the farmer for peat to heat his home in the old way. The rest is overgrown with bog cotton, purple moor grass, beer grass (yes there is such a thing) and lots of plants and boggy marsh.

There’s a dry flat grassy space at one end where I have lunch or coffee breaks during the day. It’s also a great spot to draw so today I came armed with a piece of A4 hardboard, a small paint roller, paints and newsprint in my rucksack. There’s a lovely loose free abandoned nature to mono printing that I love. I spent many happy hours at art college loading paint onto a page and taking a print off it. In fact one of these prints now still hangs in my studio. It’s the surprise of pressing down and peeling back the page to reveal either a senseless splodge or a print with feeling. 

Today I have been getting messy with paint instead of muck for a change. 


When I produce a print I’m happy with, I’m going to make copies on a photocopier and leave a pile of free prints for passers-by to take home, to remind them of their visit to the art trail.

I have been working on a lithograph at Belfast Print Workshop on the endangered species list and the Curlew who are at the top of the list and who nest here on the boglands.


I’ve made an edition of 3. One for an exhibition in the Belfast Print Workshop, one for a project called 100 Pages by an organisation called beyond Skin, they promote cultural diversity and support and promote the arts and culture of ethnic minority communities in Ireland. 100 pages is a project for female artists to take a page and use if for something they are passionate about – in my case the environment, and leave a message on the back of the page. The book will be buried in a time capsule for 100 years and will be opened by a future generation to read all the messages. A great project! 

The final print will be used here on Devamitra.

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