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On the peat bogs of  County Tyrone, Northen Irland

Lowry's Diary - Day 3

County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

I worry about losing things. Not just keys or a bank card. I worry about losing those but they can be replaced. There are 481 species on the red list of endangered species for Northern Ireland. It’s an old list currently being updated and it has doubled in 10 years. So I worry about losing 481 species from this island. 

66 species of moths! I didn’t even know we had that many to lose.


Today I have been gathering found objects and things from the peat bog. For a few months I have been planning this work, it’s based on the idea of a seedbank. The idea of preserving the genetics and DNA of species at risk of loss. Seedbanks offer the opportunity to save life, history and culture.


Today I am creating my version of a seedbank on the peat bog.


I have spent all morning today scouring the peat bog for species and specimens to preserve. 

Plants, mosses, lichens, leaves, wildflowers, tree bark, ferns, plant stems, grasses, egg shells, even a small dead bird who I buried in the moss and held an informal but sincere funeral service for.

I have a collection of different sized globes to preserve my finds and am spending the day cutting, folding and bending my finds into the globes. A couple of days ago I found a million tadpoles twitching in a bog pool, they blossomed from various bubbles of frogspawn. My seedbank is beginning to look like giant frogspawn at the side of the path. I hope they develop into bigger and better things too.

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