Visioning the Land

Artist in Residence
On the peat bogs of  County Tyrone, Northen Irland

Lowry's Diary - Day 2

County Tyrone


For a while now I have wanted to make some work that’s permanent. Most of my work and commissions are all temporary and really only ever exist in photographs. Last year I was commissioned by Belfast Cathedral for a temporary art installation for the main cathedral floor and I produced it from fallen branches of native woods. Hazel, Ash, Hawthorn, all branches that had fallen from trees in storms. Even this piece was temporary as I dismantled it after the project was finished and reused the branches for another work. So again, this project lasts only in photographs. I was really sorry to be breaking up The Ark, for the first time I was going to miss a piece of work.

So this time, for my residency on the peatlands, I wanted to make a piece that would last longer than a few weeks. My work is all about protecting and nurturing an abused planet so I was happy to create pieces with a short life, as I never want to clutter this already packed world.

But! I have a future home for this piece, which will hopefully be placed in an environmental park. So prior to arriving here today with Eastern Rocket, I spent a day last week with an engineer bending 1.5 ml steel followed by a trip to a company who powder coat metal. This was like a visit to a toy shop. So many colours, so many things I suddenly wanted to powder coat.

So today I am installing my bright red powder coated permanent piece of metal sculpture in tribute to a wild plant called Eastern Rocket. I had planned for the piece to sit independently but then remembered there is no flat ground on a peat bog! So the piece has metal pegs welded on to push into the soil.

I must have spent an hour moving these works around. I need them to get the sunlight on the right sides and also to be seen from different angles for anyone following the trail. Finally I’m happy. 

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