Monika Marti was born in 1958 in Switzerland. Professionally she is a teacher and a headmaster of the school in Stallikon, a tiny municipality located on the Reppisch valley of Uetliberg hill of Kanton of Zurich. She has a soul of an artist. In fact, she is an artist who is a teacher than otherwise. She masterfully balances her roles as teacher and artist, just like she balances compositions of her paintings, beautifully well.

Her way is to work, take a break and work again. When she takes a break, it is like flowing into a different world of her own. It is serene and meditative. It is a space where she let her imaginative mind go wild to discover the hidden creativity within her and outside. For her it is way of life to do various activities to stimulate her imaginations as well as inspire others to do so. 

Monika possesses the drive to creatively work every day and also in every spear of her life.  She moves herself to discover new structures, lines, shadows, reflections, colours and shapes that she considers are very necessary ingredients of evolving. As a process of creating her works she - observes, photographs, paints, writes, prints or glues pictures together to push herself to create a new dimension in her works to get to explore and understand the unknown.  Some time she writes her own texts on the canvas and then paint over them again and again to let go of an imagination to form a new visual output as well as let the new and beautiful imaginative output to take its place. 

Working with children and intuitive ways she tends to keep her attentions span on a canvas comparatively for very short time. Therefore, she lets herself to work on several paintings at the same time, which eventually results into a series with a common theme and visual language possessing similar syntax. 

In conclusion, what one can learn from Monika`s life and creations are that one can live as a creative being by simply choosing to be so. As a teacher who works towards creating masters of the future, today she is equally occupied with nurturing her own master with in. 

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