Magdalena Breiteneder (31), a budding architect and designer from Austria is such an artist, who followed her hearts calling since her childhood.  She goes by artists name Lena B and is a native of a little village in Upper Austria. Her childhood passion and inspirational drive was to draw with simple and perfect lines.

Lena’s parents recognized her creative talent very earlier on and encouraged her to pursue her wishes. To facilitate that talent her father built her a drawing table on which she could spend hours trying to create something from her own fantasy world. Her mother used to run a toy shop and always would provide her with different kinds of pens and papers to help and nurture Lena’s inner artist.  Eventually, with great patience Lena taught herself how to draw using perfect lines even before she stepped into school where she learnt further aspects of Art.

When Lena draw/paint she does not think or visualize of an idea, concept or subject. She just let the spontaneity guide her through the process of artistic creation. Sometimes she is methodically uses lines to create her works, but sometimes she lets impatience speak through the work. Once the act is over, she always reflects upon the quality of creation and connects those pieces of artwork to her own life experiences.


What is important to Lena is her own state of mind, relationships, experiences of life through various attitudes, emotions such as grief, anxiety, loss, rapidness and powerlessness etc, and more over her fascination for nature and animals. Ultimately, she zeroes in on importance of Peace. All these concerns eventually speak through her characters in her work. Therefore, nearly all figures in her work have their eyes closed as her search for peace is her constant goal.


In the process Lena has created a huge body of drawings and paintings that gives her the deserved recognition of a fine artist. Achieving creative simplicity is not every artist’s cup of tea, rather most of us thrive in complexities. But Lena is redefining, in her own way, the minimalism and simplicity in portrait paintings. In my viewpoint she has mastered the art of creating stylized and elongated figures with special characters and that too with absolute minimal strokes, tones and shades of colours.  

*Source: Creative Encounters - The Blog by Deviprasad C Rao

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