A child in her childhood wanted to be a fearless reporter or brave astronaut or creative photographer. As she grew up and started pursuing her dreams, she realised she need to be independent and have to financially support herself. That lead her to work in a day-care and after-school care centre. At times she worked as bartender, in kiosk and bistros. To add more, she also worked as operator and ski instructor. All for nothing but feed herself and successfully complete her education. Between all this hustle-buzzle of education and work she humbly and passionately pursued photography and poetry. And her name is Franziska Ita


She was born in 1992 in city of Winterthur in canton Zurich of Switzerland. She grew up in the beautiful Zürcher Weinland region. Today, she commutes between Schaffhausen, Zurich and Arosa in Graubünden as she loves to balance her life between city and countryside. 


Today, Fraziska is well travelled, read, experienced, composed, brave and happy while professionally pursuing poetry and photography as her way of living and to inspir others around her. Here, for the launch of devamitra.com she presents “Imperfection is perfection - 1” series of photography that she has created with her young friend Debby


According to Franziska, “we are all, may be, thriving to be perfect, but according to me our ‘imperfection’ is part of our individuality and beauty. This photo series is my recent get-together, on a sunny day, with Debby where I tried to portray her true self – wild but wise, vulnerable but fearless, rebellious but kind, fragile but strong willed, serious but with most innocent and unforgettable smile.”


What Franziska loves about photography is that in the fast pace of life and transience it is a way of being able to capture something candid and beautiful. It facilitates to portray our loved ones or places that may give the true feelings of present moments even in the far away future, even though that future will certainly be different. 

- Devi
(Based on email interactions with Franziska, exclusively for devamitra.com)

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