Lines can be of million kind. Quality of lines portrays the quality of painting. Line powers creation of forms or figures. Eventually lines say lot about artist and his or her work. Here we have an artist who speaks her own visual language with collections of numerous lines. Line are her way of expressing any given subject matter. Lines are her pillar of creative strength. Meet a Solothurn born, Kanton Zurich based Swiss abstract painter - Esti Frei.


Esti’s works are beautiful gathering of unlimited amount of sensitive and feminine lines that are criss crossing from one edge to the other edge of the canvas. They are seamlessly flowing and floating every direction like white clouds. They connect at a point and disconnect in another. They keep meeting new lines while forming togetherness of meaningful network. Those lines are thin and thick, straight and meandering, wiggling and dribbling, fragile and strong. Some time they are vanishing and reappearing. If you keep looking at them deeper, they appear as they are uttering some haiku. They are at times like poems. At the same time, they reveal unique stories. But interestingly they have spiritual quality to them and may drive one into the quiet space and help touch the inner core.   

Soft spoken and gentle soul, Esti traveled almost 40 years on her chosen path with great consistency and discipline. During this period, she created several body of works dedicated to various but specific topics. She pursued her dream with conviction and perseverance and evolved as a finest artist. She humbly feels fortunate that her works are being exhibited and collected by art lovers. Her journey of exhibitions started way back in 1991 with Elfi Borer from the GG gallery in Bonstetten, Zurich. Since then she had several exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad to her credit, of which many have become part of private and public collections.

Esti was born in 1950 in Swiss canton of Solthurn. Later after her initial education she moved to Zurich where she worked as well as trained herself as an artist.  

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