Deviprasad Rao is a Switzerland based artist. Devi (as he is fondly known) Art journey began about 20 years ago when he quit his corporate job and and escaped into a world of Art. Rebelling against conformist ideas of composition and structure, Devi created a language all his own to articulate his world the way he saw it. Through constant doodling, drawing and sketching he evolved his own artistic idiom of form. 


Devi draws out lines, pulling them across here, finishing them abruptly there, layering them with blotches and flecks. His canvases are sprayed and strewn with dots and daubs of paint. These forms are his characters, script and symbols. These are his alphabet. If one observes keenly, it can be said that Action painting is the mother of his visual language. The lines and forms played direct, instinctual, and highly dynamic that involved a spontaneous application of vigorous, sweeping brushstrokes and later adding or creating the chance effects of small and thin lines dripping onto the canvas. but eventually with time, Devi's art evolved with more space and line chemistry to the stage it is today. 

Devi's work is distinguished from the traditional Art practitioners whose work of art mainly constitutes of abstract images or colour-filled narrations. Devi doesn't seem to be interested in depicting illusionistic scenes but rather in rendering the energy and movement of life in a visible way on the canvas. His work constitutes of absolute devotion to unfettered personal expression free of all traditional aesthetic and social values.

The most distinct part of Devi's paintings is the record of scribbling which flows without his conscious control. It appears that his art process is designed to awaken the unconscious association in the artist and viewer. The natural approach seems to be let going the instinctive creative forces a free play and of revealing these forces directly to the viewer. 


His works depict the act of painting itself, being his moment of creative interaction with his materials, emotions, moods and experience setting an all out adventure without any compass. The final work is always viewed as the destination arrived by chance after a devotion filled journey. Thus what results on the canvas is not not a picture but an event or experience. 

- Vasanth Rao
Artist/Curator, Sydney Australia

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