Day 4 - 19/07/2021

Dairy of the day from Magdalena and Arkadiusz

Pictures from the day 4 - The Progression

Day 4 of our residency started with a delicious cup of coffee drunk by the Studio's window overlooking some trees and small, lovely houses. We've decided to start our work earlier today since we had an inspirational trip planned for the afternoon. 


Most of the morning Arek was working on finishing up "The Big Bang Painting" while I was putting some details on the ocean/space like painting with no title yet. I was able to achieve some interesting shades of blue. 


In the afternoon we went on a bike trip and visited some local mountains and the countryside. The colors of the endless fields of wheat and buckwheat are stunning this time of the year. We took a lot of pictures that will serve as an inspiration for future works. Some of the pictures can be seen here. 


It was a lovely day ! 


Magdalena and Arkadiusz

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