Day 3 - 18/07/2021

Dairy of the day from Magdalena and Arkadiusz

Pictures from the day 3 - The Confluence

It's day 3 of our residency and today we've been working hard on some new canvases. First of all, in the very morning we put an acrylic base on two new canvases and allowed it to dry until afternoon. Later on we mixed some cobalt and azure blue with ultramarine and dark purple in order to achieve a deep ocean shade of blue. We added some acrylic medium and put it on canvas. It takes about one day for the painting to dry sufficiently. In the next few days we will be able to work on some details on those canvases. 


In the meantime we continued our work on "The Big Bang" painting. Arek was trying to find proper colors for the astronaut while I was working on the "explosion rings" trying to find the right and intensive shades of carmine and orange. All our efforts can be seen in the photographs and the videos. 


Our work depicts nature and environment so tomorrow we are planning a short bike trip to the mountains  to find some inspiration in the colors of nature. We will post the pictures of beautiful Polish mountains and countryside in the following days. 


Stay with us and follow our progress ! :) 


Magdalena and Arkadiusz 

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