Day 2 - 17/07/2021

Dairy of the day from Magdalena and Arkadiusz

Pictures from the day 2 - The Progress

The second day of the residency was very productive. Since the layers of paint which we put on three canvases still needed to dry, we decided to work on some details on other works. We started off with some colorful details on the sketch of an astronaut on the blue and red/orange background. 


We came up with a title "Big Bang" for this painting, since the intensive, fiery abstract background resembles an explosion. The astronaut is holding a fire extinguisher trying to put out the inevitable flames that are starting to surround him/her. The meaning behind this work is the feeling of helplessness that we can identify with, especially in times when we have to face some unexpected events that can influence or even change our life suddenly. Should we fight or maybe sometimes it's better to accept the course of life instead of burning out? That was one of the questions that we've been mulling over sipping a cup of coffee. 


Later on we worked on the painting with no name yet adding some powdered gold and some details using acrylic paints in shades of yellow ochre,  raw umber, raw sienna and pearl copper. The effects of the day are visible in the pictures. 


We hope you enjoy watching the process of creation as much as we do. 


Magdalena and Arkadiusz 

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