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Two school friends who studied together, worked together, exhibited together decided to create a studio together. They called it Rooftop Studio. That studio become their creative junction. It is a  meeting point where these two creative souls meet, churn their creative ideas, concepts and flow together parallelly further. Those two friends are Magdalena Mędzkiewicz and Arkadiusz Ruszczyk. This exhibition `CONFLUENCE´ is confluence of their creative energy. 


Last July I had begun the process of organising a project together with them. We started off with an Artist in Residence project where Magdalena and Arkadiusz together organised themselves in a studio setup in Wroclaw. They conceptualised the idea and created a body of work together in a span of 8 days. In those eight days they expressed their spontaneous self and let the creativity flow. 


From other hand we at Devamitra created an exclusive page for them to report our audience how these two artists in residence are coping with day-to-day creations. We reported the development of work with relevant photos, videos and dairies from Magdalena. It was very interesting to see how both of them organised themselves in a studio and outside, their painting sessions and leisure times. Even if we could not visit Wroclaw and see them personally we could see the pictures and videos,  could feel the creative zeal of both.  

Eventually, both Magdalena and Arkadiusz created body of 14 paintings over all. 6 individual works each and 2 works where they painted together,  “Big Bang” and “Space and Time”. The result is of a great quality. Their process and expression of creation was a visual treat. When Magda explored and expressed her reverence, deep connection to nature or Mother Earth that she adores every day, Arkadiusz brought out his engineering fantasies of an astronaut and expressed his out of the earth feelings in relation to his day to day life experiences. 


In this project Arkadiusz painted using acrylic on canvas. His works are mostly inspired by aspects of everyday life, stereotypes, human relationships and interactions in society. In this way, he interpreted the cosmos, the space in which anything can happen. According to him the astronaut, is a depiction of an autonomous individual, one of the worlds flowing parallel to ours. In his paintings he used a saturated, often contrasting colour palette to emphasise the way we look at other people, through the prism of our experiences and stereotypes. 


Similarly, Magdalena too paints with acrylic on canvas. But her main form of expression is abstraction. In her creations she tried to express her unique vision of the world, especially the nature. She expressed her admiration to mother earth and the serenity, peace and joy that she finds being with the nature. She used deep, intensive, expressive textures and colours to convey multiple forms and facets of the earth. Her works involved subtle combination of colours and process of construction and deconstruction of a painting so that, finally, she arrives at much needed visual composition that makes fulfilling impact on her individual self and the viewer.


This exhibition will be online here on until 14th of January 2021. We look forward to your support and encouragement.

Deviprasad C Rao

(Artist, Curator & Writer)

Digital Catalog of the exhibition will be released on 10. November 2021

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Born in Wrocław in 1986, she graduated in 2014 with a master's degree in humanities with a specialization in English and Spanish philology, with a special focus on linguistics. Initially, she learned drawing techniques under the tutelage of Aleksander Marek Korman, a Wroclaw-based architect and illustrator. During and after her studies, she travelled around Europe where she lived, worked and drew inspiration for some time. 


In 2015, desiring further self-development and to explore her oldest and greatest passion, she began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture in the studio of Dr Anna Kramm. She presented her paintings in group exhibitions under the banner of Krukowski Gallery. In 2017, together with other artists, she took part in the creation of the Hidden Group, of which she is currently an active member.


She currently lives and works in Wrocław. Technically, her painting is characterised by muted colours. She experiments and values improvisation, which leads to surprising results.


In 2019 she graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław at the faculty of painting and sculpture.



Born in 1991 in Lower Silesia in the town of Walbrzych.


2014 - Angelus Silesius State Higher School in Wałbrzych, first degree engineering studies in the field of Landscape Architecture, graduated with honours (for the best written engineering thesis at the university in 2014).

2015 - University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, second degree studies in the field of Landscape Architecture.
2017 - Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, postgraduate studies in the field of Painting.
2019 - Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, second degree studies in the field of Painting.

He currently working as a CAD designer. Occasionally he does landscape architecture and design models (building models).

Arek from an early age had a passion for drawing and in kindergarten, when asked "What are you going to be when you grow up?" he always replied "I'm going to be an artist".


Arek could never stick to one theme or technique, he always quickly found something new and more tempting. The subject of space that came to him at the end of his studies, with the choice of the subject of his thesis "Parallel Worlds", and it has remained his mainstream to this day.

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