In the spring of 2019, while sketching ideas about the meander and the matriarchal sources, Claudia Volders realized that she would have to feel the depth of the research in a person. In her research she wondered and questioned where can she still find matriarchal remains of civilization? Is the matriarchal heritage of that place still visible among the current population? How is the Matriarchal Principle different from the Patriarchal? Is it true what scientists in genetics say you can wake up genes when they have been suppressed or suppressed for millennia? And does that also apply to the matriarchal genes?

All questions that she would not be able to research in her tiny studio in the Netherlands. She booked a flight to Malta as this isolated island is known for its 22 goddess temples and its matriarchal culture principle. On the spot, she meandered across the island to feel where she needed to get as many answers as possible. The most profound answers she found was on the rocks above the Hagar Qim temple. The sketches, the ideas, the conversations, the music, the history, everything concentrated on one great source of inspiration.

The paintings presented here are Claudia’s researched answers to those issues. Her signature shape is the meander. This symbolizes the connector of the themes that have run through her work over the past 10 years: 

•   Matriarchy (round shapes), looking after each other, interdisciplinary, collegiality, horizontal structure in society.

•   Floor plan of the goddess temples (geometry), Hagar Qim temple in Malta

•   Hilma af Klint (intuition, spirituality)

•   The Navel (center), connection between man and nature, symbol for the in-between space

•   Hildegard von Bingen (connector between the arts and science, the forgotten Medieval woman)

•   Kōlam (welcome for good energy), in India a drawing is made every day at the threshold in front of the house, shrine or temple.

•   Water crystals (everything is different) Emoto

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