Visioning the Land

Artist in Residence
On the peat bogs of  County Tyrone, Northen Irland
What is Visioning the Land project?

‘Visioning the Land’ is a 2 years research based Artist in Residence project on the peat bogs of County Tyrone of Northern Ireland for the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership and the UK Heritage Lottery by an installation artist Rosalind Lowry.  

The entire project is based and focused on the endangered species list of Northern Ireland and highlighting the urgency required to halt the disappearing of green spaces and endangered wildlife in Ireland.

From late April 2021 Rosalind will begin creating 16 installations that represents life on the peatlands, from small endangered lichen or bog flowers, to the old life based around the peatlands such as old folk medicines of the past. 

The trail will stay as a temporary piece to encourage local communities and new generations to use and see the peatlands in a different way and perspective. 

Rosalind through Zurich (Switzerland) based Devamitra Artist Collective's online platform www.devamitra.com will deliver posts, images and films from the peatlands of progress and installation of the sculpture trail.

Installation in progress

*Photo captions are still being updated.....

Installation site

*Photo captions are still being updated.....

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