Message from the founder

Devamitra – The Artists Collective is an art and cultural society based in Zurich, Switzerland.  It is a non-commercial entity primarily created for the benefit of visual artists to support each other, exchange experiences and network with the art world at large. 


The name ´Devamitra´ is derived from the Sanskrit words ´Deva´ means ´divine or creative being´ and ´Mitra´ means ´friend´. It can be interpreted as Creative Friend´. Therefore, Devamitra is a collective of friends who are creative beings.  


Devamitra is conceptualised and founded by artist, curator and writer Deviprasad C Rao, fondly known as ‘Devi’, along with his family and few art loving friends. It is their common vision and mission to work towards facilitating, supporting of and collaborating with visual artists beyond borders. They aim to create an online and physical environment where visual artists can be connected, presented and promoted without the presence of any intermediaries. 


Devamitra will predominantly use Online and Social Media to network with artists and their respective audience through online exhibitions, featuring artist, relay gallery exhibitions, webinars, group discussions, art residencies, workshops and art education programs. It also intends to collaborate, wherever there is an opportunity, with other art and cultural institutes, art galleries, museums, curators and collectors.


Devamitra is an organisation based on memberships, donation and sponsorships. Presently, its membership is open to selected visual artists who are residents of Switzerland. Artists from other countries will be invited as associate members. The team of curators reserve the right to select artists and their art works to be promoted on its platforms. Until end of 2021, membership charges are waived for all members. 


05.04.2021, Duisburg, Germany

Dear Artists & Art lovers, 


I wish and pray, you and your loved ones are in good health and safe, now and always. May we all, together, successfully survive and rise from the ashes like phoenix by the unbelievable social and economic challenges that we are forced upon by the pandemic. 


Three years ago, I withdrew myself from social media thinking it was not healthy and necessary. But I returned right back few months ago after lockdown and social distancing measures brought direct communication and art events close to nil.  My goal to return, first of all, was to stay connected to the art world. Second, I wished to stay in solidarity with artists community in my neighborhood. If possible, inspire myself and others alike. As a result, I connected with many artists beyond borders and built new bonds. We started connecting, recognizing, appreciating and encouraging each other. 


Eventually that lead to the creation of Devamitra – the artists´ collective. After a few months of study of online media and discussions with artist pals, I decided to form the society adopting the cooperative vision of self-help through mutual help. To facilitate this mission, today we formally operationalize our first version of and our official social media accounts.


It is my personal wish and aim that we will not look for artists with best CV or success (naturally, we do welcome them) as our member artists. We shall not discriminate between formally art educated and self-taught or professional and non-professional visual artists. We are looking for quality art creators, doesn’t matter if they are just housewives or plumbers or carpenters or any one from different professions who have reverence for their creative side or art. We shall look out for unique stories and journeys of artists to be told to the rest of the world.


In this direction, I personally will create and lead the group of artists, curators and writers to select and invite visual artists on our platform to share their art and tell their stories through us. We are not aiming for sky but we shall keep a step forward and keep evolving, every day, with optimism, love and respect, most importantly creativity at our heart. 


I humbly request you to support our artists and encourage them by what ever possible way you can as we believe you are the one who eventually can make a difference to each artist’s journey as an artist. 


With loving regards and 
prayers of well beingness


Deviprasad C Rao (Devi)

(Founder - Devamitra)